About Us

CareAbout Health was founded to make medicine work.

By placing value-based care tools in the hands of the physicians.

Our Vision

Relentlessly improving healthcare for all.

At our core, we're dedicated to transforming healthcare into something more than just a concept – it's a reality we're crafting. Picture a world where every individual receives tailored, exceptional care. With over a million patients in our care, we're leading the charge in value-based healthcare.

Our network boasts more than 1,500 devoted providers, all working in harmony with a shared goal: revolutionizing healthcare.

1,500+ providers committed to making healthcare more accessible, efficient, and effective for everyone.

Our Mission

We empower, enable, and energize providers.

We're devoted to empowering our providers to shape patient care, valuing their voice and influence. With proper resources, they focus on patient-centered care. Our contracts recognize their efforts, energizing our team and, ultimately, improving patient lives. Our mission: transform healthcare for effectiveness and empathy.
Our Values

Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, & Responsibility

Healthcare complexity demands reflection on our core values: Innovation, Integrity, Teamwork, and Responsibility. These pillars drive our mission for exceptional services.


We push the boundaries in healthcare. Our aim is to not blindly follow the standards; but together set them. Whether it's through tech advancements or inventive patient care, it’s our collaborative creativity that fuels our progress.


We are united for impact. In healthcare's complexity, collaboration sparks innovation. Together, our diverse skills and support creates a community driving meaningful change. A community dedicated to making a difference.


Our duty goes beyond providing care and into advocating empowerment. We stand committed to our patients, families, and communities, championing their wellness and striving for improved healthcare access.


At the core of our relationships with patients and partners lies integrity. Upholding the highest ethical standards, we prioritize honesty and transparency in every operation. It's not just compliance; it's a steadfast dedication to doing what's right.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated leadership team.

Board & Advisors

Executive Leadership

Dr. Nedal Shami

Chief Executive Officer

Rich Almada

Chief Strategy Officer

Jason Bond

Head of Growth

Rob Cho

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Florescu

Chief Information Security Officer

Claudia Honan

Chief Legal Officer

Dr. Munish Khaneja

Chief Physician Officer

Will Nestor

Chief Administrative Officer

Dr. David Shih

Chief Medical Officer

Empowering physicians with VBC support and technology.

Care360 is all the tech, personal assistance and support you need to transition your practice to value-based care and run it day-to-day.