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Enhancing Quality, Simplifying Care

Our exclusive technology aims to cut expenses, elevate care standards, and enhance patient satisfaction, simplifying provider challenges in healthcare.

Care360 Impact

Care360 will be felt in nearly every aspect of your practice.

From financial sustainability and growth to increased time spent focusing on patient health.

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HCC Coding Accuracy

CareAbout Health provides exceptional support to its physicians, enabling them to achieve over 95% accuracy in Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) coding. This precision reflects the effective training and resources offered by CareAbout Health, ensuring accurate risk adjustment and fair reimbursement.


Patient NPS

With CareAbout Health's commitment to patient-centered care, physicians have reached an outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 90. This achievement underscores the success of CareAbout Health in enhancing patient experience and satisfaction through its extensive support and innovative care models.


Provider Engagement

Demonstrating the effectiveness of CareAbout Health's collaborative environment, over 85% of providers are deeply engaged with its systems. This high level of engagement is a testament to CareAbout Health's ability to foster a supportive and integrated network that encourages best practices and optimal care delivery.


Decrease in ED Visits

CareAbout Health's proactive and preventive care strategies have empowered physicians to reduce emergency department visits by 15%. This significant decrease highlights CareAbout Health's focus on primary care excellence, leading to better health outcomes and reduced acute episodes.


Decrease in Readmissions

Through CareAbout Health's comprehensive care coordination and post-discharge follow-up, physicians have achieved a 26% reduction in hospital readmissions. This notable improvement reflects the effectiveness of CareAbout Health's approach in ensuring continuous and coordinated care, thereby minimizing the likelihood of readmission.

Data Foundations
better outcomes for all...

Multi-Source Data Engine

Provides streamlined dashboards for swift care interventions.

Point-Of-Care Tools

Coordinates patient actions before, during, and after office visits with CRM tools.

Care Team

Creates standardized outputs used by the care management team.
Extend Your Practice

Our dedicated Care Team is here to support your practice.

Care Tools

Point of Care Solutions, Actionable Insights, Dashboards

Coding Support

Prospective & concurrent coding solutions

Clinical Access

Transitions of Care, CCM, RPM, Telemedicine

Care Coordination

AWVs, Care Gaps, Home Care, Referral Management

Empowering physicians with VBC support and technology.

CareAbout360 is all the tech, personal assistance and support you need to transition your practice to value-based care and run it day-to-day.